Spring Cleaning Safety

ESFI reminds you to stay focused on safety while spring cleaning by reviewing the following safety resources. The types of electrical hazards you may encounter change with the seasons. Warmer spring weather stimulates an increase in outdoor work both on the job and at home. A focus on electrical safety awareness can help ensure these outdoor activities do not result in injuries and deaths.

Extension Cord Safety Tips
DIY Electrical Safety
Home Electrical Safety
Home Electrical Safety: Always Look Up Always
Residential Construction – Workplace Safety
Overhead Power Line Car Crash
Seasonal Safety
Spring Forward Safely – Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Avoid Electrical Accidents

Utility Scam Awareness

According to the Federal Trade Commission, fraud complaints were received from more than 2.4 million people in 2022, showing a total loss of $8.8 billion, $2.6 billion of which were from impostor scams. Many of these scams are utility scams, where scammers pretend to be representatives of utility companies and demand immediate payment to avoid service disconnects.

ESFI is recognizing the FTC’s National Consumer Protection Week happening March 5-11, to help consumers learn how to avoid fraud and scams.

Learn How to Spot a Utility Scam with These Tips
1. Utility companies do not request payment or other personal information over the phone or through email.
2. Utilities do not ask for gift cards, prepaid cards, or money transfers as forms of payment.
3. Utilities will not contact you threatening to disconnect service or ask for immediate payment over the phone or email.
4. Scammers can fake emails or phone numbers. If you have questions about your account, contact the utility directly using the phone number or email listed on your bill.
5. Have you noticed a scam? Let your utility know. This can happen to you, your loved ones, and your neighbors.

Avoid Utility Scams

Extension Cord Safety

Roughly 3,300 home fires are caused by extension cords every year. To avoid fires, make sure the extension cord is rated for its proper use and meets the power needs of the device being used.

Always keep outdoor extension cords away from snow and standing water. Inspect the extension cord before use, and always use extension cords with GFCI protection.

Using extension cords properly is critical to your safety. With continuous use over time, an extension cord can rapidly deteriorate, creating a potentially dangerous electric shock or fire hazard.

Avoid Extension Cord Fires

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