I’ve met a lot of people lately that just don’t get it. Of course, I’m talking about safety, but my comment could work for just about every other topic as well. We should be thankful; first and foremost to our creator, than to our military, then to our company, and last BUT NOT LEAST – our family. We have an incredible amount of freedom, yet some people don’t/won’t choose safety. I just don’t understand…

Let’s take gloves for instance – why not wear cut resistant gloves when cutting or heat resistant gloves when working with heat? Why not wear safety glasses when cutting, grinding, chipping, etc.? Why not use respirator protection when a known carcinogen or dusts warrant it? I’ll tell you what I hear most (literally and sometimes figuratively through actions), I hear “IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME”, “IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE”, “WE TRIED DOING IT THAT WAY”, “WE’VE NEVER DONE IT LIKE THAT”, or my personal favorite, “WE’VE NEVER HURT ANYONE DOING IT THAT WAY”.

Please don’t get caught with blinders on just because an injury hasn’t occurred in the first 996 times we did something. Old man luck with fail us – every time at some point. Do an assessment – EVERY DAY/EVERY TASK. Ask what if and understand the task, the equipment, and the people exposed and working by our side.

We’re free to work safe today – Let’s do it!

Thanks to PT for the share!