What Am I ??
How well do you know the history of the equipment we use everyday?
Try and guess what is being described in each group based on the hints given.

What Am I?
1. I was patented in 1919.
2. I was originally made of steamed canvas, glue and black paint.
3. I was first made of aluminium in 1938.
4. The first place designated for me to be used was the Golden Gate Bridge.

What Am I?
1. I was patented in 1880.
2. My first wide scale practical application was during World War 1 in gas masks.
3. In the 1940’s companies were formed to produce me for use by welders, chippers, tool grinding,
and metal shaping.
4. My mark is Z87.

What Am I?
1. I was developed in the early part of the 20th century originally used by utility linesmen.
2. I was originally made from cotton and leather.
3. My ancestor was a belt.
4. Modern type is based on one used in the military by paratroopers.

“To know and not to do is really not to know. To learn and not to apply is really not to learn.” Unknown


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