Dropped Hammer Head

During scaffolding activities the head of a hammer came off and fell 15 meters to the ground, landing between two workers.

Basic causes included:

  • Head came off hammer. The hammer was worn and the shaft had previously been refitted to the head.
  • No overhead protection for people working below.
  • No policy for managing hand tools.

Broken Arm from Falling Object

A worker suffered a broken arm when he was hit by a section of cable tray that fell from a height of 5 m. The worker was outside the safety barricade area.

Basic causes included:

  • Non-compliance with existing site standard for lifting and securing.
  • Safety barricade tape partially removed, inadequate barrier.
  • Lack of coordination among work groups in the same area

Fall of Refractory to Ground

During demolition work a 5 kg piece of refractory fell out of a chamber and bounced past steel mesh barricade falling 11m to the ground floor of the roaster building.

Basic causes included:

  • Failure to identify and address the risk of falling material.
  • Inadequate building edge protection for working at heights.
  • Failure to implement corrective actions from similar incidents

Uncontrolled Fall of Equipment

Equipment parts were being moved on the 6 floor of the roaster building. The parts were loaded directly on to the forks of a pallet trolley, without a pallet.

One of the parts over balanced and rolled over the kick plate and fell to the 3rd floor below.

Basic causes included:

  • Inadequate barrier to prevent object falling.
  • The movement of equipment at height not considered in JSA.
  • Load not secured.

Key Lessons For Management Include:

  • Provide clear guidelines for the use barricades to prevent people entering potential “Drop Zones”.
  • Whenever possible provide overhead protection from objects falling objects.
  • Sites must implement controls that meet the requirements of the Fatal Risk Control Protocol for Working at Heights.
  • Planning, preparation and risk assessment must include strategies to prevent objects falling.

Key Lessons for Individuals Include:

  • Always erect barricades to prevent people entering areas where there is a risk from falling objects.
  • Always ensure equipment is fit for purpose and inspect portable power and hand tools with more than one component to ensure they will not come apart during use (e.g. hammer head flying off handle).
  • Be familiar with and always follow site procedures for working at height.

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