Lou Holtz’s 3 Rules of Life

Rule #1 – Do right!  “Just do the right thing,” Lou says.  “We’ve all done dumb things and wish we hadn’t done them, but you can’t go through life with an albatross around your neck saying, ‘I made a mistake.’  Say you’re sorry, make amends and move on.”

“I think it’s wrong to be bitter.  We all have a reason to be bitter.  We’ve all had injustices done to us by society, by a spouse, by a friend, but you can’t go through life being bitter.  We’re always blaming someone else.  Wherever we are it’s because of the choices we make.”

Rule #2 – Do your best!  Lou says:  “Not everybody will be an All-American.  Not everybody will be first team.  Not everybody will be great.  But everybody can do the best they can with the time allotted.”

Rule #3 – Show people you care!  “You’ve got to make a sincere attempt to have the right goals to begin with, then go after them with appropriate effort, and remember that you can’t really achieve anything great without the help of others.”

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