How I Live My Life
By Sir Richard Branson

Have Faith in Yourself
Think YES not NO
Live Life to the Fullest
Never Give Up

Just Do It
Believe it can be done.
Have goals.
Prepare well.
Help each other. 

Have Fun
Have fun, work hard and money will come.
Don’t waste time. Grab your chances.
Have a positive outlook on life.

When it’s not fun, move on!

Be Bold
Calculate the risks and take them.
Believe in yourself.

Chase your dreams and goals.
Keep your word.

Challenge Yourself
Aim high.
Try new things.

Never stop learning.

Stand On Your Own Feet
Rely on yourself.
Chase your dreams, but live in the real world.

Work together.

Live In ‘The Moment’
Love life and live it to the fullest.
Enjoy the moment.
Reflect on your life.

Make every second count.
Don’t have regrets.

Value Family and Friends
Put the family and team first.
Be loyal.
Face problems head on.
Money is for making things happen.

Pick the right people and reward talent.

Have Respect
Be polite and respectful.

Do the right thing!
Keep your good name.
Be fair in all your dealings.

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