Have we ever looked at something and had to stop and look more closely? It could be that our minds didn’t necessarily register what we saw or what we saw was just plain strange or odd. Either way, we have to pause or stop to look again. That’s how we do with hazards as well. We have to stop to more closely evaluate what we have and to consider our own personal hierarchy of controls. Being the most safe we can saves time in the long run; even though it may feel like it’s costing us time and money in the now. The true benefit or return of investment is hard to quantify because the events true safety prevent never happen.

There’s nothing wrong with being strange or odd by the way, I believe there’s a little bit of that in all of us. Hopefully we’ve all developed the habit of recognizing, understanding, and acting in time to prevent incident/injury. That’s what safety is all about.

Our families, teammates, companies, and communities are counting on us to work safe today.

Thanks for the share, PT!