Our hands are one of, if not our most valuable tools, for both on and off the job types of duties. It’s imperative that we protect them at all costs and that begins with understanding three (3) important hand safety needs. The first (#1) is to know where we’re placing them, NEVER reach into or around something unless we understand the condition. Secondly (#2) is to NEVER place them into energized equipment, tools, or appliances. It’s easy to turn the power off and to secure it (lock it out whenever possible) to prevent accidental energization. The last one (#3) is to know where they are and to focus on their importance. Knowing where our hands are sounds so silly, but how often to we react and pinch a finger, get a splinter, jam a knuckle, or perhaps even slam them in a car door or against a wall/door. The fact is, we sling them around often, and rarely worry about them getting hurt until it’s too late.

Our hands are amazing tools for working and for loving. Let’s protect them at work so we can enjoy those precious moments for many-many years to come. Thanks for reading and for everyone’s continued support of safety on the job as well as in our homes. Take care and please stay well. – Paul

Thanks for the share, PT!