I snapped this picture on Monday during a walkabout at XXX. It is one of XXX’s many OSHA VPP STAR Worksites and the facility represented well. Signage and an obvious intent to engage and involve teammates was present and refreshing. That team has a lot of great things going on. Don’t be Goofy is a great (simple) reminder.

I say all of that to get to my favorite three C’s. (Some of you probably already know what they are.)

  1. Communication – whether it’s training, procedures, work instructions, programs, safety talks, safety blurbs, breakfast meetings, pre-shift meetings or water cooler chats; they all are intended to make us more aware. Awareness is the beginning of excellence and a foot old for both personal responsibility and accountability.
  2. Commitment – this word encompasses both management and team members alike. When we’re committed to something – WE GET INVOLVED! Our personal and team involvement with safety is one of the many things that make us great.
  3. Compliance – this word is often misunderstood. According to old man Thurber it simply means “the ultimate act of agreement”. Our compliance with known safety rules saves lives. Isn’t that reason enough? We demonstrate compliance through our daily cooperation, participation, support, and enthusiasm toward our common safety goals.

Let’s get serious about safety today!

Thanks for the share, PT!