The key to moving your company or team from the status quo to an expectation and achievement of excellence is your corporate culture. When you build a corporate culture of excellence, you create an environment that empowers, focuses and engages employees.

Engaged employees want to come to work, and they improve your product and your service in so many ways. Their positive attitude is contagious. Employees with an above-average attitude toward their work will generate higher customer satisfaction, higher productivity, less safety incidents and higher profits for their organizations. Companies with higher morale (more than 70%) outperformed those in the same industries by 11.3%. It’s clear that maintaining a vital, engaged workforce has a significant impact on the bottom line and on safety.

So, how do you keep an employee engaged? Based on more than a million surveys of managers and companies following are the top 10 ways:

1. Communicate and understand the organization’s vision.
2. Select the right people for the right job.
3. Create a united, collaborative team atmosphere.
4. Communicate the right stuff at the right time.
5. Encourage continuous improvement and innovation.
6. Demand accountability.
7. Practice resilience to changes and challenges.
8. Recognize and reward excellent performance.
9. Ensure that every employee learns and grows.
10. Deal with problems quickly and effectively.