Team –
It’s raining this morning and has been here in Alabama for the last few days. The rain, even though we need it in the area, is a bummer this week. It’s easy to get depressed or upset when our plans are changed, even by things that are out of our control. That’s when we should start looking for the beauty in it. Even with negative things or people we should seek to find the proverbial “silver lining”. Our attitudes change when we’re trying to be positive or think of good things. In fact, we control our attitudes and should accept no less!

The same goes with safety! We can be all sour, upset, and negative or we can be positive and seek out the good in everything and everyone. It’s our choice! Ready or not, the Holidays are upon us and let’s work to make all our actions (on and off the job) the safest they can be. Just in case you were wondering… SAFETY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!

Today is our next opportunity!

Thanks to PT for the share!