In trying to be fair, it looks like to me that if we had the United States at ZERO emissions, it would make very little difference in world climate change. China and India are not participating and even by the Paris Accord are designated as developing countries(?), which is kind of hard to understand when both have high global economies and a high standard of living as other “developed” countries have. These 2 countries continue to build coal fired power plants and expanded use of fossil fuels. From this, you would expect the emissions to be influenced by these 2 and other “undeveloped” countries far beyond what little would be gained by the United States being at zero emissions. The last time I checked and searched the internet, the United States was ranked in the 70 to 80 down the list of countries with the most pollution. People really should understand and become educated on global pollution and the Paris Climate Accord and you can easily see why it is disadvantageous for the United States to participate in it. Funding for the Accord is voluntary and without the United States participation, the other countries do not choose to participate. Click here for the video.

Thanks for the share, KE!