Attributes of a “Safe Worker”
By Roger F. Evans CSP, CHMM, SGE

Often times you will hear stories of “centurions” citing specific lifestyles and/or attributes they believe have contributed to their longevity. Their stories are often quite interesting. They will talk about their diet, work habits, exercise scheme, family life, and their own personal secrets to their longevity, etc.

In the same manner, there are common behaviors, attitudes and/or attributes of employees who have worked their entire life “injury free”. Results from the many employees interviewed and discussions with Maintenance & Operations personnel, Safety Personnel, Human Resources, and Management during a “Safe Worker” Survey, identify that there seems to be some common patterns, behaviors, and attributes from these employees (“Safe Workers”) that you might find interesting. They all seem to exhibit many if not all of the following attributes: Each one will be defined/explained in more detail in future “Safety Updates”.

  1. Take Job Seriously
  2. Awareness of Work Surroundings
  3. Neat and Orderly Mindset
  4. Avoid Complacency
  5. PPE Use Important
  6. Job Planning
  7. Safety Ownership
  8. Perception of Safety
  9. Safety Knowledge
  10. Consider Safety as a Value

What is also interesting, about “Safe Workers”, indicated by their supervisors is that these folks are productive employees and ones they count on day to day to get the job done. The “Safe Workers” had good job performance and minimal absenteeism. None of the “Safe Workers” appear to be “attention getters”. They just do their daily work without much fanfare. The key attributes and lessons learned from the “Safe Workers” we have here should be shared with others. Much can be learned from these folks. They have many stories to tell and can be our Safety Champions!!!

How many of these Attributes do you have?

Thanks for the share, RE!